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16. 2. 2019 | Ples "V gala", Strážnice
23. 3. 2019 | Zámek, Moravská Třebová
5. 5. 2019 | Hrad Beckov, Slovensko
31. 5 - 2. 6. 2019 | 13th Medieval Days, Bled, Slovinsko
11. 8. 2019 | Svatovavřinecké hody, Přerov
24. 9. 2019 | Baťův institut, Zlín
28. 9. 2019| Svatováclavské slavnosti, Napajedla
27. 6. 2019| Vivat Gratia, Litomyšl
9. - 11. 8. 2019 | Svatovavřinecké hody 2019, Přerov
24. 9. 2019 | Taneční vystoupení a módní přehlídka, Zlín
28. 9. 219 | XX. Svatováclavské slavnosti, Napajedla

About us

spolecnaA group of historical dances Vere Gratia enables the spectators to get an authentic view of clothing and dance culture of the Renaissance and the Late Medieval period. In the reconstruction process, individual dances are based primarily on original records. The major part of the dance repertoire is preserved choreography of 15th and 16th centuries in a European environment. One of the main priorities of the ensemble is the closest approximation to the authenticity of historical clothing. Preserved text and painting sources are used for the implementation. Besides the dance performances, Vere Gratia also offers a demonstration show of historical clothing or dressing of historical attire guided by an accompanying word. The group performs regularly in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (e. g. international festival Medieval Days in Slovenia). Members of the ensemble participate in professional workshops of historical dance led by Czech and foreign instructors.

Vere Gratia cooperates with early music ensemble La Bilancetta which focuses on „authentic interpretation“ of early music. This musical group consists of graduates and students of academies and conservatories, and uses exclusively copies of historical instruments. Among the instruments we can find e.g., lute, viola da gamba, flute, cornetto, harp, positive-organ, etc. In the repertoire there are songs and instrumental pieces from 15th to 17th centuries from France, Italy, Spain, England and Bohemia. Vere Gratia’s live performance together with music by La Bilancetta, the ensemble of period instruments, offer high-quality and elaborate implementation of music-dance performance. The length of each performance is around fifteen minutes or more, but we will be glad to adjust the time according to organizers’ requirements. The performance can also be realized with music reproduction.

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